NOMBC Purpose

“To intervene in the economy of Gwinnett County┬áto retain, grow, and enhance the profitability of its ethnic minority-owned businesses, primarily through working to increase the purchase of goods and services from these firms by majority corporations.”

The organization’s activities are based on the following core values:

To increase purchases by our corporate members from our certified MBEs, which represent diverse ethnic minorities;
To provide a forum for corporate members to communicate regarding supplier diversity and purchasing trends, in order to strengthen corporate MBE programs and guide their efforts;
To maintain a primary focus on creating private-sector opportunities for MBEs; and
To educate and inform the total community about the contribution to the overall economy made by minority-owned firms, in order to positively impact the perception of supplier diversity.
We address the purpose and incorporate our core values through two primary activities: 1) certifying the ownership and control of enterprises by ethnic minority individuals, and 2) facilitating purchasing opportunities for these certified MBEs from NOMBC’s corporate members. We manage a database of corporate members and MBEs, with the capacity to issue various reports and track basic business information for the certified firms. Currently the database includes more than 353 certified MBEs and over 104 corporate members. A monthly newsletter is issued to each of these companies, plus several other interested parties, which highlights newly certified MBEs and corporate members, upcoming events, training opportunities, and news from NMSDC.

The key to business opportunity is networking. Throughout the year, the NOMBC hosts a number of networking events including MatchMakers, the annual Trade Fair and Awards Gala. As a member of the NOMBC, you have the opportunity to network and develop lasting business relationships.

The NOMBC conducts a series of training programs on topics related to business management and trends, quality assurance, supplier diversity, business financing, business expansion, and technology at the workplace.

The NOMBC works to maintain visibility and credibility with organizations in Northern Ohio and is a strong collective “voice” for its members.

For MBEs…
We understand that getting your foot in the door is one of the most challenging and difficult steps in obtaining new business. NOMBC is available to help you succeed, providing access to the right opportunities at the right time and matching your products or services with corporations seeking to purchase them.

For Corporate Members…
We support your commitment to developing minority businesses. The NOMBC will put you in contact with the appropriate MBE to fill your specific needs, provide you access to our comprehensive directory of qualified minority suppliers, and work with your organization to help structure strong, minority procurement programs. We can organize one-on-one dialogues between your organization and qualified minority service providers interested in pursuing new business relationships.

Business Opportunity Trade Fair
Each year, a Business Opportunity Trade Fair is held to provide minority businesses with maximum exposure to corporate members. This event is an affordable opportunity for businesspersons to network and sell their products or services directly to corporations.

Annual Awards Gala
This annual event recognizes excellence in minority business development and acknowledges MBEs and corporations for their commitment to quality, diversity, and teamwork.

Throughout the year, several MatchMaker events are held, providing opportunities for minority suppliers and corporations to exchange information – as well as open the door to contract negotiation.

Membership Directory
The NOMBC maintains a comprehensive directory including over 350 registered and certified minority firms affiliated with the organization. It is available to private-sector member companies and public-sector organizations in need of products or services provided by MBEs.

Business Consortium Fund, Inc.
The Business Consortium Fund, Inc., provides contract financing to certified MBEs. This fund allows MBEs to borrow the capital necessary to fulfill contract requirements using the contract as collateral and at a reduced rate of interest.

Business Opportunity Golf Outing
The annual golf outing provides a relaxed environment for participants to network.

The Council publishes a newsletter, Minority Business News, to keep MBEs and corporate members informed of important activities, legislative issues, and other information affecting business development.

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